American Standard 4TTB3030G1000A 4FWHF030A1000B 2.5 ton Silver Series Straight Cool Air Conditioner

Item#: 4TTB3030G1000A 4FWHF030A1000B

Brand: American Standard

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Product Details

4TTB3030G1000A - Condenser

  • Efficiency up to 13.25 SEER
  • Low ambient cooling to 0°F with BAYLOAM103
  • EASY-SESS™ cabinet, service access and refrigerant connections
  • Fast complete drain, weather proof base
  • COMFORT-R™ mode approved
  • WeatherGuard™ fasteners
  • Glossy corrosion resistant finish
  • High pressure switch
  • Internal compressor high/low pressure & temperature protection
  • Liquid line filter/drier
  • All aluminum Spine Fin™ coil
  • Low ambient cooling to 55°F as shipped
  • Low ambient cooling to 30°F with AY28X079


    • american standard
      american standard ac

      Silver SI Air Handler - 4FWHF030A

      Product Highlights

    • High-efficiency motor provides quiet, efficient circulation
    • All-aluminum coil enhances system life and reduces the chances of refrigerant leaking into the atmosphere
    • No-rust polymer drain pan and galvanized cabinet features protect components to ensure longer product life and more efficient performance
      • Model - 4FWHF030A
      • Cooling Capacity - 30,000
      • H - 45
      • W - 19.75
      • D - 21.5
      A Silver SI+ or Gold XM Comfort Control is required for all Platinum ZM dual fuel packaged units. *Potential energy savings may vary depending on your lifestyle, system settings, equipment maintenance, local climate, home construction and installation of equipment and duct system.

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        american standard air handler