1.5 Ton 13 SEER Central AC & Heat Pump Air Conditi

Item#: CRM18h2P1 ARAM18h2P HK052C

Brand: Klimaire

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Product Details

CRM18H2P1+ARAM18H2P+HK052C - Klimaire 13 SEER 1.5 Ton (18.000 Btu/h) Klimaire  - Central Air Conditioner & Heat Pump System - 208-230/1/60


    CRM18H2P1 + ARAM18H2P
    1.5 TON Air Conditioner & Heat Pump
    Central Ducted System

    ARAM18H2P - Klimaire High efficiency Air Handling unit 1.5 ton, 18,000 btu/h 
    ARAM Series Air Handling Hnits
    10-Year Parts Limited Warranty - 1.5- to 5-ton cooling/heating capacities.

    Matching with system efficiencies from 10 to 16 SEER - Modular 2-piece design
    allows for easy installation - Modular configurations with upflow, downflow,
    and horizontal positions - Field-installed heat strips from
    5 to 20 kW - Aluminum foil coated insulation - Factory-installed filter rack
    Multiple airflow speeds.


    • Environment-friendly R410A refrigerant.
    • Energy-saving, fixed-speed motor.
    • Galvanized-steel cabinet
      with protective coating, more than
      500 hours salt spray test
    • Enhanced primary and secondary
      drainage design aiming at improving
      in-house air quality.
    • Factory-installed coil temperature
      sensor provides an extra protection
      to the system.
    • Suitable for horizontal, up flow and down flow installations.
    • Optional electric heater.
    • Compatible with most famous
      brand thermostat
    • ARI Certified & ETL Listed.

    CRM18H2P1 - Klimaire 1.5 Ton 13 SEER Air Contitioner & Heat Pump System
    With your KLIMAIRE® 13 SEER High-Efficiency
    Air Conditioner, you will have the
    best product
    in the HVAC marketplace.
    Klimaire is dedicated to build equipment with highperformance, durability, and efficiency.
    • High performance, high efficiency.
    • High-efficiency condenser coil made of corrugated aluminum fins and inner grooved refrigeration-grade copper tubing
    • Factory-installed in-line filter dryer, for longer system life.
    • KLIMAIRE air conditioners utilize high-efficiency rotary / scroll compressors, which operates in efficiently with our high efficiency coil.


    • R-410A environmentally friendly refrigerant.
    • High-efficiency compressor.
    • Copper tube, aluminum fin coil.
    • Steel louver coil guard.
    • Unique sound control design.
    • Heavy-gauge galvanized-steel cabinet with
    • protective coating, stands more than 500 hours salt spray test
    • Easy access to service with fully
      exposed refrigerant connections
      and one service panel.
    • Entire Unit Run-Tested in Factory
      before Shipment.
    • 24V low voltage control makes
      it safer for user.
    • ARI Certified & ETL Listed