20 Bottles Wine Cooler

Item#: WC20TLSPT

Brand: Wine Coolers

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Product Details

ThermoElectric Technology · Environment friendly

20 standard bottles capacity with removable shelves. Mirror glass door with black trim and cabinet reflects a contemporary look. Touch sensitive control panel with LED temperature display on door. ThermoElectric Technology (no compressor) offers a quiet operation with no vibration. Adjustable temperature between 54 to 66°F.

Recommended temperatures for chilling wine:
Full Red (59 ~ 65°F)
Light Red (54 ~ 57°F)
White & Rose (46 ~ 57°F)

Note: This thermoelectric unit cannot cool below 54°F, may not be suitable for storage of champagne, sparkling and white wines.

Features and Functions

- 20 standard bottles / 48L capacity
- Reflective glass door with touch sensitive controls
- Adjustable thermostat with LED temperature display
- Quiet operation (30dBA)
- No vibration (bottle sediment is not disturbed)
- Slide-out shelves
- Low power consumption
- Black rim and cabinet
- Soft interior light
- Front leveling leg
- Adjustable temperature range: 54 ~ 66°F
- Freestanding application

Input voltage
115V / 60Hz
20 bottles / 48 liters
Input power
Power consumption
Black with reflective glass door
Temperature range
54 ~ 66°F
Environmental temperature
50 ~ 89°F
Maximum temperature variance
55.4°F between ambient and unit
Unit dimension (W x D x H)
15.75 x 20.2 x 21.64 in
Package dimension (W x D x H)
18 x 23.5 x 22.25 in
Net weight
30 lbs
Gross weight
34 lbs


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