Item#: WMMS-36CH-V2B(59)4

Brand: YMGI

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Product Details
YMGI Specifications: DC Inverter Mini Split Heat Pump-Multiple Zone-(59)4 Outdoor Units 21SEER
Model Units WMMS-36CH-V2B(59)4
Cooling Capacity Rating-Standard Comp. Speed Btu/h 24000
Min./Max. Cooling Capacity Btu/h 7500 / 33000
Heating Capacity Rating-Standard Comp. Speed Btu/h 26000
Min./Max. Heating Capacity Btu/h 7500 / 27978
Max. Allowed IDU Qty./Capacity Total # / Btu/h 3 / 36,000
EER W/W, (Btu/h)/W W/W 3.66 / 12.5
COP W/W, (Btu/h)/W W/W 3.72 / 12.70
SEER / HSPF - 21.00 / 10.50
Air Flow Volume CFM 2354
Sound Pressure / Power Level dB(A) 59 / 69
Power Supply V/Ph/Hz 208-230/1/60
Power Cable Conductor Minimum Size AWG AWG12, Following NEC
Recommended HVAC Type Circuit Breaker Size Amp. 30
Power Input Cooling / Heating / Rated KW 1.92 / 2.05 / 3.60
Current Input Cooling / Heating / Rated A 8.35 / 8.90 / 15.97
Compressor Type, Model - Inverter Rotarty, LD QXAS- D23zX090B
Compressor Capacity / Input W 7250 / 2550
Compressor RLA / LRA A 15.82 / -
Compressor Thermal Protector KINGERSONS - Exterior 1NT11L—6233
Compressor Crankcase Heater W 40
Compressor Oil Type, Charge -, OZs RB68EP, 33.4
De-Ice/Snow Heater Power Input W 96
De-Ice/Snow Heater Current A 0.4
Fan Type / Qty. / Diameter-Height - Axial-flow / 1 /D550-H66mm
Motor Model / Type - LW92K-ZL, DC
Motor Insulation Class, Safe Class - B or E, IPX4
Fan Motor Drive Type, Speed - Director Drive, 800
Fan Motor Power Output / Input W 90 / -
Motor Full Load Amp (FLA) A -
Condenser Materials - Aluminum Fin-Copper Tube
Permissible Operating Pressure for the Discharge/Suction Sides PSI 600 / 360
High/Low Pressure Overload Protector PSI 580 / -
Cooling Operation  Ambient Temperature Range F 0 ~ 118
Heating Operation  Ambient Temperature Range F -4 ~ 75
Defrosting Method of Heat Pump in
Low Temperature Ambient
-- Automatic Reversing, Fan
Pressure Maitenance Method in Low
Temperature Cooling
-- Automatic Fan Speed Control,
Overload Protector - Current+Temperature
Designed for Climate Type, Moisture Protection - T1, IPX4
Refrigerant, Charge LBs R410A, 4.8
Metering Device KINGERSONS - Electronic expansion valve
Flare/Nut Valve Size-Liquid Inch 1/4, 1/4, 1/4
Flare/Nut Valve Size-Gas Inch 3/8, 3/8, 3/8
Min. Allowed Copper Line Length/Unit Ft. 15
Max. Allowed Copper Line Length-
outdoor to last indoor unit
Ft. 65
Max. Elevation Difference Allowed-
outdoor unit is below all indoor units
Ft. 35, Oil Trap is Not Needed
Max. Elevation Difference Allowed-
outdoor unit is above indoor units
Ft. 35, Oil Trap is Suggested
Every 18'
Max. Copper Line Length (all together) Ft. 195
No Additional Refrigerant Needs to be Added, If Copper Line Length Total is Less Than Ft. 100
Refrigerant Charge Rate, If Needed, by
Weight/Ft. of Extra Liquid Line Length
Ozs/Ft. 2.32
Dimension of Unit Outline (W×D×H) Inch 38.6x16.8x31.1
Dimension of Package (W×D×H) Inch 42.6x19.2x33.7
Weight-Net / Gross LBs 153 / 164
Loading Quantity (20’/40GP/40HQ) Units 44 / 96 / 144